Arctic char fishing in Swedish Lapland

Bespoke arctic char fishing adventures

Tailor-made Arctic char fishing adventure

NordGuide offers a Bespoke fishing adventure in the vast wilderness of Lapland, Sweden. Your adventure will feature everything from fishing in pristine nature preserves to high alpine streams and crystal clear lakes close to the world heritage Laponia.

Arctic char fishing in Swedish Lapland

Our teeming waters offer world-class fishing, and here you have the chance to set new records.

An authentic and rewarding adventure in one of the last true wilderness areas of Europe.

The Arctic char

Salvelinus alpinus
The arctic char is a fresh-water fish that lives and breed in our sub-arctic region up north. The Arctic char is closely related to both salmon and trout, and has many characteristics of both. For example, the arctic char has red belly and white stripes on the fens. The official Swedish record is 10,830kg (not 100% salvelinus alpinus). We have caught arctic chars over 4 kg, during night fishing in our secret lakes.

The char is often called the garbo of the mountains, for its unpredictability and its beauty. Few other fish can frustrate you like a big char. One moment it is there,
the next it has completely vanished. But that challenge makes it such fun to catch.

There are several classic char streams in Lapland, Sweden. The beauty of the fish in the stream is matched by the surroundings. You can take nothing for granted in char fishing. One moment it is flies the size of a pinhead that work, and the next moment colourful streamers or spinners.

You can find char in calm waters too, on tranquil evenings when they are silently gliding around lapping up midges. When the flatwater seems to have raindrops on
it, it can be the sign of a 3-kilo fish. In lakes, the char can take spinners, wobblers, flies and long lines. You can angle from the boat and land.

Fishing for arctic char is still something of “blind spot”. Something waiting to be discovered.

Professional guide service

Our private chef/guide provides us with local food with traditional roots in Lapland, Sweden. We take great care to select the right wines and other suitable beverages with all our meals.
A rewarding close-to-nature stay and heart-racing fishing adventure in the vast wilderness of Lapland, Sweden.

World class accomodation & Food

We can offer a range of different types of accommodation. This ranges from high quality lodges with single rooms and a jacuzzi to glamping tents with bed and linen. All of our accommodation that we provide is beautifully located in the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

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