Brown trout fishing in Swedish Lapland

Bespoke brown trout fishing adventures

Tailor-made brown trout fishing adventure

NordGuide offers a Bespoke fishing adventure in the vast wilderness of Lapland, Sweden. Your adventure will feature everything from fishing in pristine nature preserves to high alpine streams and crystal clear lakes close to the world heritage Laponia.

Brown trout fishing in Swedish Lapland

Our teeming waters offer world-class fishing, and here you have the chance to set new records.

An authentic and rewarding adventure in one of the last true wilderness areas of Europe.

The Brown trout

Salmo trutta
The brown trout is a medium-sized fish, growing to 15kg. The official Swedish record is 17kg, although in many smaller rivers, a mature weight of 1kg or less is common. In addition to sea-migrating trout, there are stationary Salmo trutta in Lapland, Sweden.
Trout of considerable weight are caught everywhere, from small meanderin streams to the sparkling clear waters of mountain lakes; and using everything from fly to pure trolling bait. We believe that as long as the water is good, the trout remain.
You catch them anywhere, from forest brooks to our state-protected national rivers.
The most common methods are fly and spinner. It is easiest to catch those big trout using bait that resembles other fish.
Lake fishing for trout has changed over the years. The big hydropower reservoirs are the habitat of large-growth trout which trolling anglers have targeted.
These “hydropower trout” are also caught using methods other than trolling. Early in the season, when the big brown mayfly hatches, you can enjoy crazy dry fly fishing for these species.
Most commonly you catch them with bait imitating other fish.

Professional guide service

Our private chef/guide provides us with local food with traditional roots in Lapland, Sweden. We take great care to select the right wines and other suitable beverages with all our meals.
A rewarding close-to-nature stay and heart-racing fishing adventure in the vast wilderness of Lapland, Sweden.

World class accomodation & Food

We can offer a range of different types of accommodation. This ranges from high quality lodges with single rooms and a jacuzzi to glamping tents with bed and linen. All of our accommodation that we provide is beautifully located in the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

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