Bespoke pike fishing expedition

Pike fishing adventure in Swedish Lapland

Tailor-made pike fishing adventure

The expedition will feature fishing in the Gulf of Bothnia, pristine nature preserves and untouched forest rivers.
Our teeming waters offer world-class fishing, and here you have the chance to set new records.

Northern pike fishing in Swedish Lapland

This tailor-made expedition will take you to our best fishing spots in Lapland, Sweden which is regarded as the land of the midnight sun.
Expect to fish new waters daily, casting from boat or stalking to get to streams and lakes, by foot searching for the big pikes of Swedish Lapland.

The Northern pike

Esox lucius
The northern pike or pike is a predatory fish found all over Lapland, Sweden from coast to fell. The northern pike is one of our most popular sport fishing species and it is perhaps the most underrated fish in Lapland, Sweden. In truth, Pike fishing in our neck of woods can be magical.
The northern pike has a long green body and flat head, it can weigh up to 30kg and reach 150cm in length. The official Swedish record is 19,340kg.

The diet consists mainly of other fish but it can also take other small animals like rodents or ducklings and is not regarded as being very particular in taste.

You find pike along the whole coast of Lapland, Sweden. The pike appears to enjoy life in the brackish waters of the Gulf of Bothnia.
Most estuary areas where the north Swedish rivers are empty are good angling spots and we catch 100cm pikes every year.
With hydropower reservoirs, tarns, ponds, and lakes there are more angling options than your angling days.
In the forestlands, there are fishing waters that have not been fished for a season, or even for several years. Obviously, you are quite likely to find the pike angling spot of your dreams.
As the mountains are not where you think of pike fishing, it is surprising to learn that this is one of the best locations to undertake pike fishing. There is an incredible amount of good pike fishing in the border zone between mountain and forest. There are many secret pike lakes far up these mountain valleys.

Professional guide service

Our private chef/guide provides us with local food with traditional roots in Lapland, Sweden. We take great care to select the right wines and other suitable beverages with all our meals.
A rewarding close-to-nature stay and heart-racing fishing adventure in the vast wilderness of Lapland, Sweden.

World class accomodation & Food

We can offer a range of different types of accommodation. This ranges from high quality lodges with single rooms and a jacuzzi to glamping tents with bed and linen. All of our accommodation that we provide is beautifully located in the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

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