Bespoke adventures in Swedish Lapland

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5-days Fishing adventure in the mountain...

NordGuide offers a 5-day exclusive fishing adventure in the mountains of Swedish Lapland. The Helicopter will take us to remote fishing waters, the natural habitat of the wild brown trout and arctic char of the Kvikkjokk mountains. Your adventure will future fishing in high alpine streams and crystal clear lakes close to the world heritage [...]

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5-days Fishing adventure in the mountains of Swedish Lapland

4-day Bespoke snowmobile adventure-Kvikk...

The Kvikkjokk fells provide an action-filled and exciting winter experience. During this free riding snowmobile adventure we will explore the vast wilderness of the Pärlälvens nature preserve and the high alpine areas the borderland of World Heritage Site Laponia. The mixture of free snowmobile driving, ice-fishing guarantees the quality of this arrangement, and the excellent [...]

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4-day Bespoke snowmobile adventure-Kvikkjokk, Swedish Lapland

Helicopter expedition in Swedish Lapland...

NordGuide offers an bespoke adventure for you who want to experience something extraordinary, we have selected and compiled the very best of Swedish Lapland . The adventure starts with lunch and icedrink and a tour inside the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. Helicopter sightseeing through Kiruna mountains to Sweden’s highest mountain station Låkktajåkka, which will be our [...]

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Helicopter expedition in Swedish Lapland- The Botnic sea coast to Kebnekaise

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